Britpop? Yes, and finely woven

Flannels, herringbone- and tartans-weaves are usually associated with gentlemans clothing from Great Britain. Especially in the wintertime, fabrics inspired by the above and transformed for interior-use, create a warm and cosy atmosphere and can whistle away November-blues. Look at trendy colourways such as sage, aubergine or mustard combined with the more classic grey? Which, we have learned, comes in many more than fifty shades. When used for cushions, throws or even upholstery on sofas, chairs or poufs, they make a difference, like singing an old tune with quite a few new notes…

oldies2Fabrics by:
Carlucci, Holland & Sherry, Pierre Frey, Osborne & Little, Jim Thompson
Foto: KM

Delicate Leaves

The interior-fabric „Olmo“ by Sahco is quite a delicate design of leaves. When you brush over it, you sense the structure of the leaves, almost like veins, as seen in a white, almost silvery  colour on a light blue ground.

OLMO:Sahco.jpg„Olmo“ by Sahco, Schaumaufdruck auf Leinen


Do you remember your English teacher asking you to pronounce Chrysanthemum? A real tongue twister. They are beautiful flowers, blooming in the fall. This cotton (look close at the embroidery in the centre of the turquoise flower) by DESIGNERS GUILD is inspired by these pretty flowers, blooming here in Germany in the fall.DesignersGuild?.JPG

Chrysanthemums (/krɪˈsænθəməm/), sometimes called mums or chrysanths, are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. They are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. Most species originate from East Asia and the center of diversity is in China.[4][4] There are countless horticultural varieties and cultivars. 

Falling Leaves

Fall is here – the colour of the leaves are changing, some have already fallen to the ground and create pretty pictures. The theme of leaves is an attractive one for fabric-designers. Results are loud and clear as well as subtle – which I prefer. See here an example by Osborne & Little, in two colourways – just beautiful!

fabric by O&L